Alistair is full of the joys of spring – but Shula does not know that poker is responsible.

Radio Times: Things are on the up for Alistair.

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  • Shula cannot help notice that Alistair is full of the joys of spring; she wouldn’t be so happy about it if she knew why: he has had a good night at the poker table and is looking forward to the next one on Sunday afternoon. She is quick to notice that Alistair locks up the post in his desk drawer. There is something else she wants to say – but doesn’t.
  • Oliver has called at the shop and gives Susan an update on his dairy ideas; he is having to rein Ed back, who is keen to get on but it will take time. Susan feels that some good news would be welcome for Emma right now with her separation from George imminent. Oliver and Caroline are missing Carly, who went home yesterday for the rest of the holiday, at least. Susan can scarcely disguise her joy; Christopher is in a bad mood but he will get over it.
  • There is a good turnout for the Walk of Witness. Alan offers Shula a listening ear; it might help to share her troubles. What she is really worried about is Daniel and whether she has made the right choice of school for him. She can’t talk to her mum or Alistair: both are opposed. Alan encourages her to have faith in her judgement and in Daniel.
  • Alistair had arranged to meet Matt in The Bull but he has to see a prospective buyer for Nightingale Farm. He offers to help Sid with the cricket coaching but, as Sid points out, the police checks will take too long for this year. Alistair intends to turn up at nets from now on – one of many things that is going to change for the better.

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