Jazzer proves his worth. Alan exercises tact. Alistair is trapped.

Radio Times: Matt sinks to new depths.

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  • Tom wakes Brenda at dawn with a kiss, a cuppa and an Easter egg, before they begin their day’s work at the horse trials.
  • Other Ambridge residents are up early, too, attending Alan’s dawn service on Lakey Hill. Even Alistair is there, looking forward to a W.I. cooked breakfast afterwards. When Lynda congratulates Daniel on passing the entrance exam for the Cathedral School, it’s obvious that he’s not happy about going there. Alan manages to change the subject to his abseil attempt on the tower. Lynda immediately launches into a tirade about the ivy being a haven for wildlife, redolent of all that England represents. This time it’s Alistair who has to divert the conversation.
  • Daniel asks Alistair if he’ll play cricket after lunch, and Alistair agrees. He even seems keen on the idea, and when Matt rings to remind him about the Poker game, he says he’s too busy.
  • Most of Ambridge are at the Horse Trials, though not of all of them are there from choice. Lynda has come because Robert is working, and Daniel is there because Alistair has had to go out after all. When Jazzer sees how dejected Daniel is, he gives him a free drink with his hot dog. Tom is furious, but when Brenda points out that Jazzer’s line in chat has doubled their takings, he’s satisfied.
  • Alistair’s call-out has, as usual, led him in the direction of Matt’s Poker game, but once again the cards have gone against him, and Alistair is back in depressed mood. Matt has a proposal; if Alistair can find a drug to enhance the chances of Matt’s horse winning, and which won’t show up in tests, he’ll overlook Alistair’s debts. Alistair is horrified – he’d never do that to a horse, and anyway, he’d be risking his licence. Well, says Matt, with menace, you need to try, Alistair.

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