Debbie reveals that the estate is also a creditor of Borchester Mills but Brian doesn’t know yet.

Radio Times: Debbie has not told the whole truth.

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  • Pat is delighted, on Kathy’s behalf of course, to hear that she will complete the purchase of April Cottage next week. So Kathy is preparing for the move by choosing decorating materials and buying some furniture. She will need to pick up some personal things at some time but is no longer dreading that; with the benefit of hindsight, she can see that the marriage was over and now feels that she can put it behind her.
  • David and Ruth’s work is interrupted by a call from Debbie; there is a meeting this evening about the Hassett Hills lamb cooperative but it will have to be conducted by phone and e-mail, so she needed to check on arrangements. David confides to Ruth that he suspects there will be much chat about Borsetshire Mills; their collapse came as no surprise to him, they have not invested and had no room on the site for expansion.
  • Pat and Kathy are preparing for a meeting about Loxley Barratt school and Pat is sure that they should not allow the proposed housing estate to cloud the issue. Kathy reports that the Millennium Mosaic is coming on well and Pat realises that they have missed a trick; some publicity about how the school has carried on in with it, in the face of closure, might keep the issue alive in everyone’s mind.
  • Although Debbie listens to David’s news about preparations for lamb production, it does not seem to be going in. David sympathetically teases out the source of her distraction. Debbie concedes that she should have seen the crash coming but she rarely goes to market and is therefore out of the gossip loop; being a woman does not help. She reveals that, on top of the £20,000 which Home Farm has lost, she also sold £7,000 worth of estate wheat to Borchester Mills. She knows that her Dad will blow his stack when she finds a way to tell him.

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