Did Nelson die of natural causes? Lilian thinks not. Hayley thinks about a new job offer.

Radio Times: Hayley is tempted.

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  • No smoking in the gallery, Nigel insists, and in the end he confiscates Lilian’s cigarette. She had intended to look for a bright and cheerful abstract but is rather taken with the local landscapes by Lewis. Afterwards she would like a lift to the Bull where she is meeting her sister.
  • Nigel is less successful winning an argument with Elizabeth; he thinks she should take it easy and enjoy the twins but she wants to get back to work. She plans to keep Hayley on so that she can concentrate on new projects. She has got it all worked out. Nigel now knows what a row of skittles feels like.
  • What an unequal world. Hayley is still tucking in to Marjorie’s cooking while Roy gets a baked potato and salad. Elizabeth has offered Hayley a job for more money and the use of a nearly new hatchback but Hayley doesn’t feel right about it. She loves looking after Becky and Henry; besides, Josie has been good to her. On the other hand, as Roy points out, twins would be a challenge and would go down well on the CV.
  • Jennifer is uncomfortable because Lilian insists on sitting upstairs at the Bull, with the young folk, and several of them seem highly amused at the April Fools Day photo of her bending down. Lilian reminisces about Nelson and explains that they were very close towards the end; Nelson would ring twice a week and open his heart to her. He was sitting on a fortune and was planning to come back to Ambridge but she believes that, because of the money, he was in fear for his life. She does not believe that he died of heart failure; she suspects foul play, hushed up by the authorities.
  • Roy and Tom are also in the Bull Upstairs, planning Roy’s stag night although he wonders whether he can trust Tom about that. The girls are late. It turns out that Hayley’s car would not start. In Roy’s view that is another good reason for taking the Lower Loxley job with the hatchback.

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