Hayley’s loyalty problems are dispelled and the way is clear for her to work at Lower Loxley.

Radio Times: Brian has to make a confession.

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  • The diet has paid off; Hayley’s wedding dress is a much better fit. When Hayley bumps into Jennifer she is looking rather pleased with herself. She is also pleased because a potentially difficult conversation with Josie went rather well. She did not want to let Josie down by taking the Lower Loxley job; in fact Josie felt that she did not need a full-time nanny any more, now that Henry is older, but didn’t want to let Hayley down. Her next stop is the cake decoration shop; so that Jill will have all she needs when she comes to decorate the cake.
  • Neil is helping Eddie with his stock of muck, which they will turn into gold as soon as they are able to move it. He is certainly glad to be out of Borchester Mills but Eddie is not particularly interested in his view that their downfall was partly due to bad debts like his. Eddie is also unimpressed with Ed’s revision work, particularly as he has been spending more time at Grange Farm.
  • In the Bull later, they are discussing some intelligence about the Borchester Mills crash which Neil has picked up from former colleagues. Brian makes an ill-timed appearance and Eddie cannot resist a few jibes to the effect that he has heard that Home Farm and the Estate have lost heavily. He will clearly get no sympathy from Eddie, who sees a certain justice in Brian Aldridge taking some of his own medicine.
  • Back home, Brian declines both lunch and conversation. Everyone else seems to have seen the crash coming. Now that Debbie has told him about the Estate’s losses he needs to track down Matt Crawford and pass this news to him, a task he is not going to enjoy.

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