Kate has fallen under the influence of a good man, who wants their daughter christened.

Radio Times: Roy plans a getaway.

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  • Roy is an unexpected visitor to Home Farm, seeking a favour. He has made a late decision to take Hayley away for a few days honeymoon in London and wants Phoebe’s grandparents to look after her; Jennifer is only too pleased to oblige. It puts an idea into her head that she and Brian should have a second honeymoon. Brian points out that the many thousands of pounds thay have lost in the Borchester Mills crash are many thousands of pounds that she cannot spend especially on such non-essentials.
  • Roy is set for a busy day at Grey Gables, covering for Trudi’s sickness. He explains to Caroline why he welcomes the extra money and seeks a recommendation for an hotel in London, nice but not expensive. She knows just the place and will ring them. However, she is first whisked away by an impatient Oliver Stirling to go riding within the bounds of Grange Farm, all that is permissible under the present restrictions.
  • Lilian is at Home Farm for lunch and thinks that Brian is lucky to have children who keep in touch, for Jennifer is on the phone to Kate. She returns with news of Nolly’s christening in two months time, to which they are invited. Brian takes the practical view that they cannot afford it and is branded a wet blanket. Lilian suggest that she and Jennifer can go, she will pay; she is dying to meet this gorgeous black man. (Yes folks, that is what she said!) This is a long way removed from the second honeymoon envisaged by Jennifer.
  • Caroline and Oliver call in to Grey Gables for a nightcap and find Roy holding the fort; he has let Keith, the barman, go home because a guest had kept him up until 2:30am. No prizes for guessing which guest. Caroline has fixed Roy up with London accommodation as promised. She is, however, rather surprised that Oliver is going away having arranged for Ed Grundy to drop round and keep an eye on the unoccupied Grange Farm: this is rather like leaving a fox in charge of the chickens. On Lilian’s return, her proposal to join them is thwarted: Caroline and Oliver are ‘just leaving’. So it is just Lilian and Roy this evening, a prospect which she seems to relish rather more than he does.

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