Jill is worried about the housing development and has second thoughts about Glebe Cottage.

Radio Times: Will the chain collapse.

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  • It is Phil’s birthday and Shula has made a spectacular pudding which she will leave at the gate of Brookfield. It is a shame they cannot be with the family to celebrate but Alistair probably would be too busy anyway. Jill is concerned about the proposed housing development close to Glebe Cottage and is having second thoughts; she wants Shula to represent her at the meeting about it.
  • Ruth has had a call from the consultant, Alan, enquiring whether they are still interested in expanding the herd; without counting their chickens, Ruth thinks it is worth a phone call to express interest.
  • Hayley reports on Roy’s experience with Lilian. He had to listen to her love life, at the expense of his own, until 3am. He was forced to close the bar in the end. She also tells Elizabeth that, having finally decided to wear her hair up, she finds that her hairdresser will not be working on the day of the wedding because it is a Bank Holiday.
  • Elizabeth and Shula decide to toast their father’s health in spite of not being able to see him. Mum’s fears about the housing development are causing a problem of conscience for Shula; how can she go to the meeting and voice her mother’s opposition when she does not really agree with her.
  • Pillow talk for David and Ruth is on the same subject. They realise that Jill and Phil are having second thoughts about Glebe Cottage and if the move is delayed, they will be back in the bungalow – again!

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