Debbie’s not so sorry about the Grundys, it seems.

Radio Times: Debbie makes an enquiry.

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  • Debbie pops in to the estate office to ask that Graham keeps her informed about developments over Grange Farm, but far from wanting to protect the Grundys or doing donkey work for Brian, she’s interested in the farm in her own (and Simon’s) right …
  • Bunty and Reg are still unhappy with the thought of Alistair adopting Daniel, but Shula’s getting to the point where she doesn’t really care.
  • Siobhán might be applying for a new job, we don’t hear many details but get the impression that it could involve moving, or at least working, away from home.
  • Lent means giving some things up, but not taunting it seems. Shula’s teasing of Alistair’s temperance is met with his teasing offer of after dinner mints to Tim and Siobhán, their dinner guests.