Phil and Jill consider retirement and Brian loses the battle over Grange Farm.

Radio Times: Brian is blocked.

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  • Phil and Jill’s meal with Bunty and Reg last night wasn’t a total success – they’re still opposed to the adoption, although Jill thinkss that Bunty at least understands the situation better.
  • Brian’s feeling the social pressure and drops in on Grange Farm to apologise (again) in person. He doesn’t get the reaction he expects and leaves with two fleas in his ear, first from Eddie and then from the normally placid Clarrie. She tells him in no uncertain terms that they don’t want his sympathy and he won’t get the forgiveness he seems to want and while it’s still their farm, they can tell him to get off it.
  • Decision time at Brookfield. Phil decides that it could well be time to pass the helm to David and Ruth. The problem, though, is where would he and Jill go if they left the farmhouse? Bert and Freda would need to be dragged from the bungalow, Woodbine Cottage is too small, right next to the pub and on a main road, Rickyard cottage is a holiday home … Phil plans to discuss it with the accountant next week. Meantime, no word to David and Ruth.
  • Brian, finally, meets with Matt Crawford and gets no joy whatsoever. It’s all business and, in being made bankrupt, the Grundys are in breach of tenancy and it gives Borchester Land the perfect chance to make greater profits from the farm. Brian still pleads ignorance only Matt has the perfect blindside move. Brian missed the last board meeting and hadn’t read the minutes and, in black and white, it’s all there. There was no trickery and it was the right decision for their company – everyone will just have to get used to the idea, it’s not going to change.