Brian dismisses Debbie and Simon’s plans as Jill and Phil also look to move elsewhere.

Radio Times: Debbie plans a takeover.

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  • Debbie and Simon are heading across to Home Farm for lunch – Debbie’s going to use the occasion to broach the subject of their buying Grange Farm. She wants Brian to realise that they’re serious.
  • Brian is still brooding over being out-manouvred over Grange Farm – he seems genuinely aggreived by both Matt’s behavious and the village’s assumption that his was the scheming that seeing the Grundys’ woes pile up. He admits that Grange Farm isn’t going to raise much and that the Grundys have done well to keep it afloat for so long.
  • Jill’s dragged Phil into Borchester to buy a new suit and they peer into an estate agent’s window and are alarmed at the prices that they see. Their situation regarding buying and selling possible properties (Woodbine Cottage could realise a tidy sum) will be clearer after meeting with their accountant tomorrow.
  • Jennifer steps out of the room to prepare coffee and Debbie launches her prepared script over Grange Farm, as she starts it almost sounds like she and Simon are discussing marriage! Having realised that it’s not about marriage, Brian’s relief turns to anger anyway. It’s bad enough watching the Grundys go down without seeing Debbie take on such a burden, especially as she’ll inherit Home Farm. He tells them that they’d never be able to afford the asking price – it’s a preposterous idea.