Dirty tricks in the raft race preperations and Hayley discovers Tommy and Kirsty.

Radio Times: Kirsty needs support.

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  • Hayley’s taking a look at The Bull’s raft when first Tommy (who’s on The Cat’s team) and Sid appear. Sid’s apologising for them having “nicked” the ladies’ teams oil drums and is taking the opportunity to show off his still lithe and fit physique.
  • Simon calls a still-very-busy Debbie, she’s touched that he seems to be missing her so much, but is too busy to meet for a drink – despite his silvery tongue trying to work it’s lothario magic.
  • Neil’s helping Sid with some final pre-launch tweaks to the raft. Hayley appears and cajoles them in launching it and going out into the deeper water. All’s going well until some of the ropes on the oil drums are coming loose and it’s time for the sploshing special effect to be used again as Sid and Neil take a bath. Sid’s not fooled (and a giggling Miss Jordan only serves to confirm) that Hayley was tampering earlier!
  • Tommy meets up with Kirsty in an old, dis-used barn out of site of the road and they discuss GMOs and tactics (no, really, they do). He’s happy with the expert testimonies he and Usha have got and recomends that Kirsty ask Usha to defend her too. They do seem to be doing a good job of defending each other. Later though, Kirsty’s car break down and, while Tom’s under the bonnet, Hayley drives past. She stops and gets introduced. Once the car is ticking over again and Kirsty’s on her way, Hayley spares no time in, while understanding his situation, telling him what a fool she thinks he’s being.