George collects his medal and it’s all become just too much for Siobhán

Radio Times: George has a great time at the Game Fair.

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  • Tim and Siobhán are walking to Grey Gables’ health centre for a swim and Tim’s trying to entertain her with talk of Thor Knuddsen, the mythical Viking axe-man who’s set to make the fête one to remember (and a little bit of public information about some of the sillier stories surrounding the dangers of staring at the sun during next week’s eclipse). She’s sure she’s fine – he’s worried about Lizzie’s visit this afternoon. As they approach Grey Gables they’re met by William Grundy who’s trying to trace a loose spaniel – he’s enjoying being left in charge! (Later the spaniel is traced – it’s been lost for a few days and William gets a reward for his troubles.)
  • Jack, George and Chris are having a great time at the Game Fair, lots of stalls and events on huntin’, shootin’ and fishin’ and George gets to collect his medal – he’s as pleased as punch. They observe that retirement won’t be much different if he takes a leaf from Jack’s book! He thanks Jack for being as good as an employer as anyone could have hoped for. Jack is deeply touched by the sentiment.
  • Lizzie visits Siobhán who’s busy decorating (Jason’s been asked to stay away for a few weeks – his chirpiness would grate a little). Lizzie’s being very considerate of Siobhán’s feelings, but the subject of the twins can’t really be avoided. Tim arrives home as Lizzie’s leaving and once she’s gone Siobhán just dissolves. It’s all become too much and the waterworks are turned on full. Tim’s glad she’s opened up. She can’t help feeling it’s all so unfair and while she admits Lizzie’s being wonderfully understanding, it’s just impossible for her. Her stoicism was just a front, but at least now they can share their misery together.