Jack collapses with what sounds like a possible heart attack.

Radio Times: Jack overdoes things.

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  • Jill’s giving Solly the guided tour after mass and he’s impressed by their level of tourist-awareness. Janet grasped the new hymbook nettle and announced in her sermon that she’s planning on using new and old in parallel, so the old favourites remains and the new songs of praise aren’t ignored either. Phil (as organist) might be happy with the compromise, although Bert’s likely to still have problems.
  • Shula and Caroline are out riding and, far from finding life busier, Caroline is revelling in Jack being away! Shula’s looking forward to going on holiday next week, some sort of comping trip to Normandy and Le Vendée. They will, it seems, see the eclipse – as will a lot of Grey Gables staff, whioch is causing Caroline a headache or two – she’s baffled by the fuss!
  • Ambridge are fighting well in the cricket (although Sid’s causing Alistair continued grief over his pitch preperation tactics) and while the men are playing Janet’s running round the pitch in full medieval garb! (The raft race includes a running/carrying section, it seems.)
  • Jack returns early and is worried that Caroline might not have coped, their licence is up for renewal and a few other bits and bobs which Caroline had in complete control. He’s worried, too, about the staff shortage next week and is getting rather wound up. Rather too wound up – the episode ends with him getting very breathless, falling over, pains in the chest and with Caroline calling for a doctor ….