Jack’s scare was just that and Siobhá is increasingly angry with her situation.

Radio Times: Siobhán feels the strain.

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  • Tim’s out to see Jack who’s feeling much better, but quick going over with a portable ECG monitor won’t hurt. His pacemaker’s doing fine and, after all, he’s “retired” – Tim suggests that he act a bit more like it and take time to enjoy his life, his wife and live more slowly for a while!
  • Kathy’s with Josh and Jamie and the ducks when Siobhán wanders over to return her saucepans – leant weeks ago when they first arrived. Her miscarriage not being public knowledge means that she reacts a bit weirdly to Kathy saying that she wasn’t sure, when she first became pregnant, that she even wanted a child – although she wouldn’t be without him now.
  • Caroline and Peggy agree that Jack should be forced (preferably not kicking and screaming, that’s the whole point) into slowing down – Caroline would love it. After all, when he retired eleven years ago and she was made general manager, that was the whole idea!
  • Siobhán visits Tim and relates her conversation with Kathy. Her front is cracking and she’s feeling increasingly angry and cheated about the situation. Their lives were perfect, new jobs, new homes, ideal surroundings, so what went wrong? She feels more than a little alone – after all, the best new friend she’s made in the area is expecting twins, that’s not an easy situation to deal with.