Usha and Tommy discuss gene talk with an expert and Brian sees an unwelcome blast from Debbie’s past

Radio Times: Brian thinks that two is a crowd.

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  • Usha and Tommy have a conference call with one of their expert witnesses, Dr Lin Adams. She seems well versed in the arguments, saying that the chances are that trans-gene material will end up in pollen, which may well end up in things like honey, while such stability might be a good sign, it shows how few steps it takes to make the leap from GMOs to food.
  • Simon comes to visit Debbie and work and, while she complains a little, she’s not so unamused at having him in the cab with her – especially as she can show off all the bells and whistles of the hi-tech combine harvester! He’s a bit disappointed that the battle of the elements is lost – so she invites him to help her with lambing in January!
  • Usha reminds Tommy of his committal hearing next week, the formality of the magistrates handing his case up to the crown court. She mentions that a number of his fellow protesters are approaching her for representation too and reminds him of his bail conditions …. she even suggests that some of them, the ones that kept him from Jack’s 80th party, might even be a good idea!
  • Debbie spots Brian in the Range Rover and Brian’s spotted Simon in the cab, while he’s angry at that, he’s even angrier when he discovers that Jennifer knew. Jennifer’s trying to play down their relationship, painting it as just old friends (which, to be fair, is all it seems to be at this point, despite Simon making it obvious he wants more) Brian, though, is unhappy and remembers that the last time they met he ran him off the farm ….