Ruth’s not coping with the older generation particularly well and Siobhán’s having trouble with the unborn.

Radio Times: It is open house at Brookfield.

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  • Nigel and Lizzie are praising Louis, architect and Julia’s escort, for both these skills, although his estimate for a possible accomodation block, “six figures, starting with quite a high number”, is a little shocking. Julia, while not quite the pain of old, still has some odd ideas, particularly the concept of smocking for the babies’ clothes (bringing Walter Gabriel to mind!)
  • The WI coffee morning at Brookfield is going well, although Ruth’s not happy with having “her” house invaded – although Solly points out that it could be Jill’s house, too …
  • Lizzie and Siobhán meet for a drink in the Bull – although Siobhán tried to cancel at the last minute. She admits that she’s not dealing with the situation very well, but when Lizzie tells her about her own abortion of a baby she wanted and her consequent feelings toward Ruth and Pip, Siobhán realises that Lizzie is someone who understands her, despite the difficulties of their situations.
  • Solly’s lending Phil a hand preparing a trackway for their grassland experiment and while Phil’s getting some stuff from the landrover, Ruth confies with her Dad that she’s not sure that Phil’s treating the experiment as a particularly temporary thing!