Eddie meets secretly (in the Bull) with Jolene and Debbie meets secretly (in his flat) with Simon.

Radio Times: Who is meeting at the Bull?

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  • Eddie is pestering Clarrie to make him a costume for the fete, perhaps out of old leopard-skin car seat covers. He is pleased to be doing some baling for Tony which will be a good source of income. Joe has done well too, by selling all of Clarrie’s cakes at the Farmers’ Market; together with the cider vinegar he took £60 – amazing! William is keen to make his contribution to the household too, since his wage packet is fatter from his extra hours and responsibility.
  • Debbie explains to Simon how mad she is with Brian who went on and on about her letting Simon in the cab of the combine harvester. She has made it clear to her seeing Simon – in his flat.
  • Sid is supervising Jamie and is surprised to meet Jolene. Her daughter will be sharing a disco with Emma Carter in the Village Hall and they are busy preparing. She is planning to get the line-dancing going again. She has already promised the business to the Cat & Fiddle but Sid, ever keen to put one over on Sean, trumps his offer with half price first drinks for her clients.
  • Eddie arrives for what Sid describes as an assignation with Jolene. The purpose of the meeting remains a mystery; has Jolene has got what she had promised him?
  • Back in Simon’s flat the evening is going well. Cooking is clearly not Debbie’s forte, not surprising with an ace cook as a Mum, so Simon is chef. She may have told her father that she and Simon are different people than eight years ago but she has to admit that he is still the sexiest man on the planet.

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