Ed and Fallon are plotting and Sid agrees to pose

Radio Times: Jolene twists Sid’s arm.

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  • Fallon’s making tea, and toast, and generally being nice. Even to Sid (who is preoccupied with just having had a phone call telling him that Kathy is determined to go to court). Ed’s coming over, not to rehearse, though. They’ve a plan, and Siiiiddddd, could they borrow The Bull’s shed to store holly before they sell it?
  • Lynda’s trying to get Eddie to improve the vista from her windows … by moving his tractor and the large pile of muck on the road by Keeper’s Cottage. As they’re chatting, Oliver Stirling, the new owner of Grange Farm speeds passed in his four-wheeler. Eddie’s not impressed, but Lynda’s quite impressed by the new squire.
  • Ed’s impressed by Fallon’s work with the shed and laughs that she can’t do the same with Tom … a touchy subject. As Lynda pokes her nose around the door, she congratulates them on their den – a perfect place for smoking dope, says Ed. She’s chasing them up about rehearsals for the Mikado and a Lauren/Tom showdown is on the cards.
  • Kathy is not giving much away, including allowing Sid to see Jamie on Christmas. A piece of good news is that Caroline’s agreed to the new share-holding in the Bull and the money will be transferred in a couple of weeks. Eddie arrives in the bar and, between him and Jolene, Sid is signed up as another model for the calendar.