Nigel is getting fed up with Elizabeth not slowing down and Jennifer’s asking a little much of Roy.

Radio Times: Jennifer offers an invitation.

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  • Elizabeth’s busy around Lower Loxley, this time unpacking a souvenir delivery while their retail manager, Liam, is off somewhere else. Nigel is not impressed, but she’ll not listen to him about slowing down. Later, Jennifer visits, playing David Bailey so as to have pictures of the twins to send to Lillian – although the shoot takes an age and Elizabeth is ever more bluntly trying to get the infants in from the cold. Nigel wanders along, with news that Beverley is back at work tomorrow, so Elizabeth can take it easy. And he’ll make sure of that … or else.
  • At the shop Jennifer reports that yesterday tree planting was a success. When Roy comes in she asks if Phoebe (and Hayley and he) would come to Home Farm on Christmas Day. After all, Phoebe was at the Tuckers’ last year on the day itself so it is their turn …
  • At Brookfield, Kevin is still proving a good decision, albeit with caveats. Jill’s doubts are over whether it was necessary, but Phil’s sure that it was and they’ve got a good person in the circumstances. It will take some of the strain from David and Ruth, and when she’s fit again, Ruth can take back the herd management – having made sure that there will still be a herd worth managing. In the short-term it means that Ruth and David can take a few days in London with less need to worry about the farm.
  • Shopping in Borchester; Betty, son and grand-daughter, searching for birthday presents for Mike. Phoebe is old enough to enjoy Christmas this year – and Roy wants her to do that in her own home, with him and Hayley, not at Home Farm. Betty sees this, although she’s not sure that Jennifer will …