The contractor arrives at the Brookfield dairy and Ed hatches a Holly plot with Fallon.

Radio Times: Ruth makes a wish.

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  • An industrious scene in the Brookfield kitchen as Ruth and Jill are cooking for Christmas – stir-up Sunday. Ruth’s using Heather’s recipe (if she could see her now … and she soon will, she’s visiting tomorrow, although no mention of any likely train delays). David is loitering ahead of the new contract dairy manager arriving.
  • More tree planting in the Millennium Wood and Fallon has dragged Ed down, although he’d rather be playing guitar. Eddie reports that his mother and grandfather are glad he’s not so if he could stay away for a little longer … Eddie also mentions that next weekend he’d like some help from Ed picking holly and mistletoe to sell on the market. Only Ed has other ideas, he’s fed up with his cut from Eddie’s venture so plans to pillage the prime spots first and, if Fallon will help him, sell for their own profit. Meanwhile Fallon’s jumping at every van that drives past, Ed wonders if she’s looking out for Tom Archer, she denies it but seems disappointed when he reports of Tom’s reconciliation with Kirsty.
  • The new dairy man, Kevin Dunn, gets a very quick handle on the situation in the dairy. He knows his procedures and seems like a good choice. David’s happy with the choice, although is still not convinced about having to have made one, but Phil’s impressed too (especially as he’s a fan of the extended foraging system they’re employing). Ruth’s glad that David can shift some of the responsibility away and is looking forward to their having a few days in London. And as the puddings are being finished, the wishes are made …