Tim’s rustling up volunteers for the calendar and Kirsty takes Tom back

Radio Times: Tom says his piece.

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  • In the shop, Shula tells Tim that Jennifer’s offer of a free apple to everyone who plants a tree has cleaned the village shop out of apples and Betty has gone to find some more. Shula tells him about how much everyone enjoyed the adoption day, particularly Alistair who had two chocolate milk shakes and a burger! Her description of their hedonistic lifestyle is cut short by the sight of Eddie towing away the trailer load of manure from outside the Carters’. Betty is taking her time. It is not clear exactly where she’s gone to find these apples. Tim goes ahead to put up a poster appealing for men to appear on the Borsetshire Beefcake nude calendar. So far he’s enlisted Eddie, Roy, Bert and Mike.
  • Tommy is planting trees. Eddie doesn’t see the point. Kirsty turns up and Eddie makes a few sarcastic comments to both of them and Kirsty goes off to talk to someone called Rob with whom she’s come. Still, says Eddie, Tommy’s still got the blonde to fall back on. Shula tries to rope Eddie in to the tree planting. She tells him that the manure cannot really have been for Bert.
  • Tim calls round at the Carters and tries to get him to pose in the calendar. He could hold a piglet to preserve his modesty. Neil is unhappy at the idea and says he’ll have to ask Susan. Eddie turns up, trailer of manure in tow. He tries to persuade Neil that he should get his kit off and show the WI what he’s made of. Eddie says he’s planning to pose on the tractor with a can of oil – that’s if they can find one big enough. Neil is furious that Eddie has not got rid of the manure. Apparently Bert doesn’t want it. He got his himself with a Brookfield trailer. Eddie has to take the trailer back and, ignoring Neil’s protests, says he will find a corner and store the manure somewhere. Neil is sick of looking everywhere and seeing muck, muck, muck – and we assume he’s not talking about the calendar.
  • Back at the tree planting, Kirsty gets Tommy alone. Rob has gone. She only got a lift from him. They are about to talk things over when Tim bounds over and tries to persuade Tommy to be in the calendar, possibly in the barn with a sheaf of corn of a suitable size. Kirsty is highly amused and it rather breaks the ice. When they are alone again, Kirsty tells Tommy how gutted she was finding out about Lauren. Tommy explains how, when he couldn’t see Kirsty, he went out with Lauren a few times as a mate. After he started seeing Kirsty again, he did go out with Lauren a few times and then Lauren wouldn’t let go. He agrees that he should not have lied. Lauren does not mean a thing. He still loves Kirsty and asks if they can give it another go. She at last agrees. Maybe she’s a fool but she reckons she still loves him too.

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