Ed and Will come to the rescue and save Eddie from a beating; he asked too many questions.

Radio Times: Eddie gets a nasty surprise.

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  • As Eddie and Ed are working on a patio, Eddie gets a call on his mobile from someone who wants to talk to him about buying meat from Snatch. Ed wants to come with him, or at least for Eddie to take the dog, but Eddie insists on going alone.
  • At Bridge Farm, Pat is still very worried about Helen, and particularly about the fact that they’re all so busy that no-one really has time to keep an eye on her. Alan calls to see Helen, and afterwards he tries to make Pat see that Helen’s lack of communication is just part of her grieving; they must be patient. He points out that Pat has come through one tragedy. They’ll come through this one, too. Alan prays with them, though Pat isn’t too sure about the offer.
  • An anxious Ed rings Will, and they follow Eddie to the quarry, where he’s to meet the mystery caller. They arrive just in time. Eddie has been beaten up, and has a bloody nose and a cut eye. But at least the boys have saved him from something worse.
  • When Clarrie sees what has happened to Eddie, she’s very upset, and wants him to go to the police, but he won’t. Eddie is very grateful to his two sons, and Clarrie’s day is made when Will finally asks Ed to be his Best Man. Ed’s not too sure, but if it will make his mum happy … well, he’ll do it.

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