Ruth and David make a decision about their new herdsman.

Radio Times: Ruth and David look to the future.

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  • It’s the day of the interviews for a new herdsman at Brookfield, and it’s a hard decision, since all three candidates are impressive. Ruth favours Paul or Jim, because of their experience and the fact that they are settled with families; David favours Sam, whose expertise with a grass plate meter proves his familiarity with the latest technology.
  • Brian is feeling his age. He’s discovered mildew on the crops in one field, and blames himself for not having kept an eye out for it. Jenny points out that he’s had a very difficult time recently, and seizes the moment to put in a word for Will as the new head game-keeper. Brian isn’t so sure; he thinks Will’s too young, and that it wouldn’t be fair to offer him the job temporarily, as Jenny suggests. He decides to ring the man he interviewed and offer him the job.
  • Ruth and David can’t make the final decision, but after a lot of heart-searching, finally decide on Sam, the youngest of the three candidates. He’s clearly a canny lad; he won’t tell them what the readings on his gizmo are until they offer him the job.

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