Peggy turns up trumps; Jack’s “senior moments” are becoming more frequent.

Radio Times: Jack goes down memory lane.

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  • It seems that Sid isn’t going to relinquish his management of the cricket team quite as easily as Adam thinks; in fact, he’s busy canvassing support.
  • Tom’s single-minded approach to his sausage business is beginning to annoy Tony, who’s cross that Tom can’t find the time to lend him a hand, especially as David has found time to come and help, and David has offered Bert’s services.
  • Someone who can find time for the family is Peggy, who makes supper for Pat and Tony, despite having a day out with Jack, where he recalls, in immense detail, people and events from their past. When Kirsty phones to tell Tony that Helen has insisted on coming into the shop, but has collapsed, Peggy sees an instant solution; she will lend a hand in the shop. Meanwhile Tom redeems himself by going to fetch his sister.

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