Adam’s had enough of homophobic Sid and plans a cricket take-over bid.

Radio Times: Ambridge gets the single-wicket fever.

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  • It’s the day of the single wicket competition, and Clarrie is facing Adam’s bowling. At first he’s kind to her, because she’s so far behind, but then he sharpens up his attack, and bowls a Yorker, so Clarrie is out. The homophobic Sid is beside himself, and lets Adam know it.
  • Tom is still finding it hard to cope with Greg’s death, and is throwing himself into his sausage enterprise, which some people find distinctly insensitive. Kirsty defends him to Clarrie, pointing out that he still hasn’t coped with John’s death, and this is his way of dealing with it. But that doesn’t stop Kirsty from saying no to Tom’s pleas for help with a special promotion on Wednesday; she thinks Helen needs her much more that Tom.
  • Kirsty goes to help Helen sort out the things she has removed from the cottage. When Helen finds their phone, and plays back her last message to Greg, she breaks down and sobs.
  • Sick of Sid’s sniping, Adam decides to wage war. He tells Tom it’s time the cricket team had a more forward-looking manager, and suggests that he and Alistair should take over. Tom’s all for it, and thinks they could get plenty of support for the idea.

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