Unknown to Michelle, Helen and Sonja share some happy memories of Greg.

Radio Times: Farmers’ market frustration.

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  • Eddie and Ed are having a frustrating time at a farmers’ market. They had an anonymous call to contact someone called Rick but he is hard to find. Jennifer has been selling strawberries and suggests where they might look.
  • Brian has taken Helen to the cottage; he regrets having to ask her but she needs to do take anything of hers, or mementoes of Greg, before the cottage is cleared tomorrow. It is so tidy, as if he had never been there. He was no use to anyone, or so he thought. But it was not being able to see the girls that pushed him over the edge; he could have made it up with Helen and with Brian. Helen asks to be left alone for a while.
  • Alice has invited Sonja to Home Farm and it is nice to get away from her mother but she really would like to talk to Helen. That can be arranged: Alice knows where she is and Adam can be persuaded to take her over there.
  • Eddie has got nowhere, perhaps because he was too direct in approaching Rick. Ed suggests that they should have waited until the market was finished and talked to him over a pint – a good idea but a bit late!
  • Jennifer returns home to tea in the garden, a feast prepared by Brian. He feels that, like Greg, he makes life hard for himself. He doesn’t have the same energy and drive for farming any more, so why don’t they sell up and take life easy?
  • Helen is pleased that Sonja could come, albeit secretly. It might otherwise have been difficult to send her something but she insists that Sonja takes the picture of them ice-skating, which her Dad had kept and framed. He looks so happy and Helen hopes that he was, at least some of the time.

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