The day of Greg’s funeral is a difficult one all round.

Radio Times: A sad day in Ambridge.

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  • Pat and Tony are in a quandary: will Helen want people to come back to Bridge Farm after the funeral? Probably Michelle has not organised anything. Helen would like that and hopes that the girls can come.
  • Brian finds that Michelle has been busy with other arrangements: she wants a house clearance company to clear Greg’s cottage on Saturday before she goes back to France on Sunday. That means Helen will have to collect anything of hers tomorrow.
  • Alan explains that Michelle and the children have not yet arrived because they will be following the coffin. Helen, of course, should have realised that and finds it upsetting that she cannot accompany Greg on this last journey.
  • Tom and Kirsty find the waiting an ordeal. Tom recognises that, without actually saying anything, his family have their minds on the time when John died. He is accused of being more concerned with his sausages but really it is his way of coping.
  • When others make their way inside the crematorium, Helen waits to be there when he arrives. But she doesn’t really want to be alone, so Tony stays in support.
  • Alan’s address urges everyone to look beyond how Greg’s life ended to how he lived it and especially at the quality of his relationships. He was proud of his daughters and was valued as a colleague and as a friend – and he was loved. What finer epitaph can there be.
  • After the service Helen manages to snatch a few words with Sonja. Her mother is so angry with Greg for doing this to them. She is sorry she did not get in touch at the time but it was difficult. She will try to see Helen before they go back and will keep in touch by email.
  • Brian arranges to take Helen to the cottage tomorrow; she can collect anything she wants. That’s something but, as she observes, it won’t bring him back.

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