Those close to Greg support each other as his funeral approaches.

Radio Times: Helping hands from Phil.

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  • Alan is still seeking material for his address about Greg, so he readily takes up George’s offer to go with him to the estate; he can talk to William too.
  • At Brookfield, Phil has volunteered to drive the tractor and trailer which will be a great help. David and Ruth have been sent details of some promising herdsmen and they want to arrange interviews next Tuesday.
  • Alan did say he wanted a few words about Greg and that is about what he gets from Will – a few words. After Alan has left him with George, he becomes more communicative. Greg taught him all he knows; he was very patient. Now he feels he has let Greg down and worse, he feels Greg has let him down; he is angry with Greg. That’s natural. He didn’t mean to, but Greg has left a lot of people in the lurch.
  • The silage operation is going really well and Phil is enjoying himself with a bit of old-fashioned farming. Jill’s refreshments help things along. It’s such a lovely day, they cannot imagine why anyone would want to …
  • Alan visits Helen to discuss arrangements; he tactfully points out that asking one of the girls to read a poem would be difficult for them and unlikely to meet with their mother’s approval. Nobody knew him as Helen did; he loved his girls and he loved her. In many ways he was a lucky man and only he knows why he did what he did.
  • He thinks he should have come before but Helen is glad to see Will now; the two of them knew Greg well and it really means a lot to Helen to talk with Will about him.

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