Brian wonders if anything is worthwhile; Lynda thinks the Cat & Fiddle is worth restoring.

Radio Times: Lynda’s bright idea.

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  • When Brian pays him an unexpected visit, Adam is quick to analyse the motive. Brian just needed to get out. Alan has been in touch about his eulogy for Greg.
  • Back at the ranch, Jennifer is entertaining Lynda who has a bright idea: Ambridge should put forward a building for the “Restoration” programme on TV. Jennifer is rather surprised by Lynda’s choice – the Cat & Fiddle. As Lynda points out, it is a fine Victorian building now in a bad way.
  • Tony is still unhappy about being messed about over the silage; David is hoping that he will be in the mood to stay this evening, as they are now 24 hours behind. Phil has volunteered to do the milking; isn’t he a star.
  • Jennifer is rather too preoccupied with the repercussions of Greg’s suicide to spend time putting Lynda’s idea onto the website but Lynda is very pleased to take the job on herself. One of the consequences of recent events is that Brian is throwing himself into unnecessary work just to keep busy.
  • Tony has agreed to stay tonight but not to come to Brookfield tomorrow: he feels he needs to be on hand at home on the day before the funeral.
  • Jenny catches up with Brian and urges him to stop. He acknowledges that she is right; it makes no difference whether the barn is cleaned out for the harvest – or even whether they bother to get the harvest in at all. Indeed is anything worthwhile? Now, now, he has no reason to blame himself. But he could have made Greg’s last few months more pleasant; he was a good keeper, although not an easy man to work with. But Greg chose what he chose – and look where it got him.

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