Stress levels rise: Pat pours out her animosity towards the late Greg. Tony is on a short fuse.

Radio Times: Silage stress at Brookfield.

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  • The plan is going wrong. Tony has turned up at Brookfield on time and so has Eddie but David still has to change the blades. Having missed breakfast, Tony is only pacified by the prospect of one of Ruth’s bacon sandwiches.
  • In the Bridge Farm dairy, Pat’s mind is really not on the job; she is worrying about Helen, and whether to go and check on her, but is keen to hear about Susan’s preparations for caravan living – as a touch of normality. Clarrie recommends a break.
  • Tony is not happy; he was in two minds whether to come as he would really like to be on hand to keep an eye on Helen. While they wait, Eddie is not delighted to have the conversation turned to his problem; he still has not found anyone to back up his story.
  • Helen is sleeping; she gets little enough sleep during the night. Clarrie is worried about Will who is working very hard to keep things going as Greg would have done. Brian apparently has been having nightmares. And none of it is their fault; it’s all down to Greg Turner. Pat just can’t take in the damage he has done to so many people; he never deserved Helen and now Helen resents Pat and won’t let her help. Clarrie is disturbed by the terrible things Pat has said.
  • At Brookfield it’s lunchtime but David’s troubles are not over: a bearing has gone and he will have to spend the afternoon repairing it. Tony will come tomorrow, as he said he would, but not until David rings to say that he is ready.

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