Helen learns that all the funeral arrangements have been made – by Michelle.

Radio Times: Pat makes an important call.

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  • Pat has finally managed to get through to Michelle and is surprised to find that she has taken over the arrangements for the funeral. She is Greg’s executor and the legal guardian of his children, whereas Helen is just his “ex-girlfriend”. Pat was unable to reason with her; she and the girls are coming to the funeral, on Thursday at the crematorium, but she wants it to be as painless as possible for them.
  • Jill learns of this when, after morning service, she asks Alan about the funeral arrangements. He plans to see Helen and involve her as much as possible; he needs her help because he didn’t know Greg very well – who did?
  • When she learns about it, Helen is determined to speak to Michelle.
  • David is uncertain whether Tony will stick to their arrangement to help with the Brookfield silage; it is probably the last thing he is thinking about and David doesn’t like to ask. Jennifer thinks that Tony may welcome a break from Bridge Farm, so he will wait and see what tomorrow brings.
  • Alan assures Helen that he will keep her in the picture and he offers comfort to Pat, who is finding it difficult to work out how to support Helen. It is, after all, well known between them that Pat didn’t like Greg.
  • Helen confides to her father that Michelle did not really want to talk to her and had said that no-one could make Greg happy. It was perhaps unwise for Helen to say that Michelle’s withdrawal of access to the girls was the last straw and she is left thinking that maybe the last straw was her leaving him. Tony tries hard to convince her otherwise but it is an uphill struggle.

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