Clarrie stands by her man; George convinces Helen that she did not pre-empt Greg’s death.

Radio Times: Eddie’s on the trail.

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  • It’s the day of the inquest into Greg’s death, and Tony is going to attend. To Pat’s surprise, Helen agrees to help out by cutting some salad.
  • Because Helen won’t talk to her parents, Tony wonders whether George might be able to help. He’s glad to be asked, and manages to make Helen see that Greg had decided to kill himself some days before he actually did it, and that the decision wasn’t only brought about by Helen’s leaving him; it was the combination of problems. Helen seems to accept this.
  • Although Clarrie is still on a high after her wonderful birthday, Eddie is down in the dumps. He can’t find anyone else who has been conned by Snatch, and gets short shrift from another market trader who, according to Roy, just might know something. Eddie’s convinced that he’ll go to prison, but Clarrie tells him that she, Joe and the boys are glad they’ve got Eddie. She’ll stand by him whatever happens.
  • As expected, the Coroner decides that Greg took his own life. Helen seems to find strength from the verdict, and talks about arranging the funeral, but Pat realises that Michelle and the girls will have to share in the arrangements. Pat will phone Michelle. She doesn’t want to, but she must.

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