Matt’s foot is firmly on the ladder.

Radio Times: A dinner party with a difference.

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  • Matt’s efforts at social climbing reach new heights as he and Lilian entertain Oliver and Caroline to dinner. Caroline quickly sees through the whole thing, knowing full well that Lilian has hired caterers while pretending to have cooked the meal herself, and that Matt’s sudden interest in hunting is all part of his scheme to become part of Ambridge society.
  • At Brookfield, David and Ruth are awaiting the latest TB tests. It’s weighing so heavily on David’s mind that he forgets all about a meeting with Brian. This neatly gives Brian a chance to be waylaid by Will, who’s come to apologise for what he said about Brian’s part in Greg’s death. Brian is immensely relieved to be back on good terms with Will, and tells him that he’ll be relying even more on him in future.
  • For once, it’s good news at Brookfield. There are no reactors in the herd, and although they’ll have to wait sixty days before the restriction order can be lifted, things are looking up. David and Ruth share a glass of champagne and a kiss.
  • Matt’s efforts to ingratiate himself with Oliver are wearing a bit thin, and Oliver traps Matt neatly with a suggestion that he might like to sign the Hunting Declaration. Matt sees it as another step up the social ladder, but quickly changes his mind when he finds out that it means he would be willing to go to prison for his beliefs. Oliver feels so sorry for him that he almost gives in to Matt’s heavy hints about an invitation to the Puppy Show – but not quite.

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