It’s a great day for Clarrie.

Radio Times: Bonne anniversaire, Clarrie!

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  • On her fiftieth birthday, Clarrie is puzzled at the lack of interest shown by Joe and Eddie. She drops some heavy hints, especially when George calls round with a present, but gets no response until she mentions going round to see Betty after work. Then her menfolk start to panic.
  • Will is still very upset over Greg’s death, and still angry with Brian. George assures him that no-one is to blame; Greg was ill, he had made his mind up to kill himself, and neither Will nor Brian could have done anything to make him change his mind. Further consoling words from Emma make Will see that they are right; he needs to talk to Brian about getting extra help, and to apologise to him.
  • Eddie and Joe put the finishing touches to Clarrie’s French café meal. When she sees what they have done, she’s delighted, but lost for words. It’s just perfect, she says, and even better than going to Paris. When Emma and Will arrive, they all drink a toast to the best wife and mum ever. And Eddie means every word of it.

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