Matt has big ideas of getting in with the right people.

Radio Times: It’s hard to refuse Lilian.

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  • The reason for Matt’s riding lessons is revealed – he’s planning to hunt with the South Borsetshire next season, to meet more of the right people. Not only that; he’s still angling for an invitation to the Puppy Show, so plans to chat Caroline and Oliver up. Lilian, quite unrepentant over the Dower House episode, has a plan.
  • At Bridge Farm, Kirsty has come to collect supplies for the shop. Tony tells her how worried he is about Helen, who’s not sleeping or eating. They are interrupted by Helen herself, who tells Kirsty there’s no point in seeing a doctor; nothing can change what’s happened.
  • Never one to miss an opportunity, Lilian calls at Grange Farm with a large cheque for the Countryside Campaign, which takes Oliver aback. Before he’s had time to recover, Lilian has invited him and Caroline to dinner. When Caroline hears the news, she’s not pleased. She still hasn’t recovered from the Dower House episode.
  • Helen sees the doctor, but doesn’t feel that it’s been any help. She refuses medication and the offer of counselling. She just can’t bear thinking that she never said goodbye to Greg. Tony tells her to hang on in; once the inquest is over and they can arrange the funeral, Helen will be able to move on.

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