Will knows who’s to blame and makes sure that Brian knows it.

Radio Times: A sticky wicket for Adam.

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  • Will is very down, but doing his best to make Mitch feel at home. Eddie tries to discuss Clarrie’s birthday with him, but Will isn’t in the mood. He tells Eddie he thinks Brian was responsible for Greg’s suicide.
  • The atmosphere at Home Farm is proving hard for Adam to take. He drops in to see Ian at work, and tells him that Brian is drinking heavily in an effort to come to terms with Greg’s death. Their conversation is interrupted by Eddie, who wants to make more changes to the menu for Clarrie’s birthday. Ian isn’t impressed by Eddie’s attitude to foreign food.
  • Jenny is also worried about Brian’s drinking, and tries to encourage him to take an interest in the farm, but Brian is having flashbacks, and can’t focus on everyday matters. Not only that, he knows he was unfair to Greg, and pushed him over the edge. He’s convinced that Greg intended Brian to find him. As she can’t talk Brian round, Jenny asks Adam to try. It’s hard going, but Adam points out that Brian was only one of Greg’s many problems.
  • In an effort to get to grips with the farm and shoot, Brian offers Will extra help, but it’s thrown in his face by an emotional Will, who makes it very clear that he holds Brian responsible for Greg’s death.

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