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Radio Times: David provides a listening ear.

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  • Helen has come back to Bridge Farm, where an anxious Pat and Tony are struggling to find a way to help her. It brings back painful memories of John’s death, and Pat admits to Alan that she has the same feelings of anger that she experienced then.
  • Kirsty comes to see Helen, whose main concern is that the police have taken away Greg’s final note to her, and she can’t remember what it said. Helen still blames herself, despite Kirsty’s efforts to reassure her.
  • Helen and family are not the only ones struggling to come to terms with Greg’s suicide. Brian is in shock, and tells David that Greg had thought the whole thing through. He knew that Will would come to the cottage, and that he would have to ask Brian for the key. He made a thorough job of shooting himself. Brian blames himself; if he had been a more considerate employer, maybe Greg wouldn’t have given in his notice, and none of this would have happened.
  • So far, Helen has been too shocked to cry, but when she suddenly wonders what has happened to Mitch, she finally breaks down. Tony reassures her that he’s being well cared for by Will, but Helen can only say that it was all her fault; she let Greg down when he most needed her.

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