Greg finds a solution to all his problems; Brian finds his body.

Radio Times: Brian makes a shocking discovery.

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  • Eddie plans his French surprise for Clarrie but ideas are thin; Will will ask Emma if she will be a waitress and Joe agrees to be a “garcon” (assuming he is not a “Madame” by then!). Eddie has put the word out to other traders but he has little hope of finding someone in the same position.
  • Will calls Brian. He can see the heaters on the table but Greg is nowhere to be found. His dog is shut in the kitchen.
  • Helen is desperately trying to contact Greg but is getting no answer. She explains to Ruth that she is really scared he will just pack his bags and go. She is not sure whether she wants to go with him; she needs to talk to him. If it is that important she should close the shop and go to find him, or at least leave him a message.
  • Brian and Will enter Greg’s house. Alongside the heaters is a note to Will: Greg is sorry to let him down and would he please look after the dog. There is another note for Helen. Brian finds nothing out of place in the rest of the house. Did Greg give any indication where he might have gone – the Shepherd’s Hut!
  • Helen phones home and leaves a loving greeting on their answerphone.
  • Brian goes into the Shepherd’s Hut alone. They are too late. Greg is in there but he’s dead.

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