Adam tries to confront Sid; Helen continues to worry about Greg.

Radio Times: Adam gets confrontational.

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  • Helen is very tense and confesses to Tony that she feels so awful and so worried about Greg. She has not spoken to him but does he need her?
  • As Adam and Ian tour the farm on a quad-bike, Ian explains what Eddie has asked him to do for Clarrie’s birthday and Adam describes the cold-shoulder treatment he has been getting from Sid.
  • Greg pays a surprise visit to Will in the pens. All is well but William cannot find the heaters and he needs them. Greg has been servicing them; Will can collect them tomorrow. Greg has little to say about the job he has applied for but does say he is sorry not to be staying; it has been a real pleasure working with Will and he hopes that he gets the job. He declines Will’s request for the key to the Shepherd’s Hut: he has not quite finished in there.
  • At nets, Sid amuses Tony with tales of winding up Joe over the HRT cake. When Adam and Ian arrive, Sid suddenly needs to be elsewhere so cannot share the joke with Adam.
  • Helen calls Will to ask about Greg and he reports that he seemed almost his old self.
  • In The Bull, Jolene serves Adam because Sid suddenly needed to be elsewhere. Ian tries to play it down but Adam insists that they drink at the bar where he tries to talk to Sid about cricket; he’s talking to the wrong man and, anyway, Sid suddenly needs to be elsewhere. In another corner, Helen is pouring out her worries to Tony; he is sympathetic but discourages her from doing anything hasty to make things up: if Greg really cares, maybe he will call her. On the other hand, if he has decided to move on and start a new life, maybe that would be best for both. No, she cannot help it; she still loves him.

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