Bert is shaken out of his mood and admits he is lucky to have such good bosses.

Radio Times: Joe gets in touch with his feminine side.

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  • Nigel is on the scrounge: he needs a second auger to speed up the vine planting. Ruth and David might go along themselves later to lend a hand. Bert will not join them; his frosty response shows that he has not yet forgiven them.
  • Joe is working in Kathy’s garden and encouraging Eddie to do something positive about his predicament but, as Eddie reasons, not other idiot is going to admit an offence just to make life easier for him. He must, however, sort out something for Clarrie’s birthday; they will discuss it over a cup of tea in Kathy’s kitchen. She has left him the key and the ingredients are on the table plus a fruit cake.
  • At Lower Loxley the vine planting is proceeding apace. The news of the Dower House debacle has already spread; Caroline was furious and if Matt had been hoping for an invitation to the Puppy Show lunch, he can forget it.
  • Bert has brought Joe some runner bean plants and explains sheepishly that David had not exactly been planning his life while keeping him in the dark; in fact Clarrie and Joe think that the deal David has offered sounds very generous.
  • Eddie gets some inspiration form his fellow vine-planters. Clarrie would like to go to Paris but he cannot afford it; so he must bring Paris to Clarrie with French food, wine and music. Clarrie herself appears, with Joe and a much more cheerful Bert, now keen to lend a hand: Clarrie had persuaded him that he had very good employers and he should be more grateful – and gracious. Joe is still troubled by seeds caught in his teeth from Kathy’s cake and he is rather taken aback to learn that the cake in question is her HRT cake.

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