David allays Bert’s fears; he is not to be thrown out of his home.

Radio Times: Bert demands some answers.

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  • Bert has something on his mind, though this is not the right time or place to talk to David. They agree to meet later at the farmhouse. Meanwhile Caroline is out for a ride as her tenants cycle by en route to some distant location in Wales; she must take the opportunity to check a damp patch in the Dower House.
  • Lilian phones Matt to meet her at six – outside the Dower House!
  • George finds Greg in better spirits and he has been busy with the housework; things look very ship-shape. He is cagey about his job application and George assures him that Brian will be hard-pushed to find anyone as good to replace him. If there is anything George can do to help put things right with Helen just say the word but the word, it seems, is “nothing”; there is nothing anyone can do but Greg appreciates the concern from a real friend.
  • Bert is determined to get things off his chest and David finds it hard to get a word in to tell him that he has got it all wrong. The bungalow is his for as long as he wants it; he can retire when he is ready and even then he can come back for the odd day. He has no need to worry.
  • Come on in Tiger, there’s nobody here. What a cheek; in the face of Caroline’s refusal Lilian has borrowed William’s key and let herself and Matt into the Dower House. She reminisces about life with Ralph, which was not a happy one, apart from spending his money; he admires the house and the decor. A four-poster bed! What a pity to waste it. When they hear Caroline downstairs, Lilian bluffs her way out, pausing only to do up her blouse; she is so glad that Caroline has not messed the place up!

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