Will stakes his claim to be the new Head Keeper.

Radio Times: Will gets some good news.

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  • How annoying! Adam has already ridden Tolley out, just when Lilian wanted to take Matt out for another ride; Matt is not nearly so put out about it, indeed he can scarcely conceal his relief. Lilian is doubly thwarted: Caroline has refused to let her take Matt around the Dower House, her old home.
  • Will has a point: yesterday’s candidate for Head Keeper was OK but he has no more experience than Will himself. Will has worked with Greg for almost five years and there is no aspect of the job that he cannot handle. He knows every inch of the shoot; it would take a new man at least a season to acquire such knowledge. Brian has little to counter that, except that he does not “look the part”, and proceeds to probe William’s ideas on what changes he would make.
  • Eddie can think of nothing more constructive to do than tidying up his gnomes. He is not so good as his son at listening to advice; he thinks there is no point in bothering with Usha’s suggestion to look for another trader who was similarly misled.
  • In The Bull, Lilian is still disgruntled and having Matt and Brian talk shop is not improving her mood. Will is buoyed up by his meeting with Brian, who seems (for the first time) to be viewing him as a serious candidate. Matt is going to take some convincing about that! Eddie is resigned to not being able to take Clarrie away for her 50th birthday next week but Will is ready to help by lending him some money. Lilian is determined to show Matt the Dower House; does William have a spare key?

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