Can Eddie find another mug, as gullible as himself, to strengthen his case?

Radio Times: The future looks bleak for Eddie.

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  • Eddie is worried; he has an interview with the police today and Usha has recommended that he looks smart. Will can lend him a tie but his mind is really on his chances of becoming Head Keeper. Emma pushes him to speak to Mr Aldridge.
  • In Usha’s opinion the tie was not strictly necessary; just relax, be open and honest and don’t get worked up about Snatch Foster.
  • At Bridge Farm, Pat encounters Helen immersing herself in work. She is clearly upset but doesn’t want to talk.
  • The police interviewer seems to be going over the same ground again and again: how did Eddie actually take delivery of the meat, was anyone other the Snatch Foster involved and had Eddie ever visited the Felpersham Road abattoir. They will contact him later!
  • It was not a difficult choice for Emma: Joe’s trap or Mr Woolley’s Bentley to take her to the church, although now she seems concerned about hurting Joe’s feelings. Pat is happy to agree to muster a few rose petals in lieu of confetti; she is keen to have news of Greg (though not out of concern for his welfare) but Emma cannot help there. Will is pleased to report that he has arranged to see Mr Aldridge tomorrow.
  • Eddie is relieved to breathe the fresh air again: it might be rationed! Usha does not think the police will let him off; he has, after all, admitted an offence, but his case would be strengthened if he could find another trader in the same position.

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