Eddie’s getting desperate at the prospect of a stiff penalty for trading condemned meat.

Radio Times: Helen is faced with a big decision.

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  • Eddie is really worried at the prospect of his police interview, and goes to ask Usha’s advice. She tells him that he stands to get a big fine at the very least; he’s in big trouble. Not only that – Snatch has told Eddie that if he goes down, he’ll take Eddie down with him.
  • Eddie’s not the only one with worries. Bert is acting strangely, dropping heavy hints to Ruth about his value as a worker. Ruth’s mind is on the meal she’s cooking to celebrate Usha and Ashok’s engagement, so she’s not picking up on the hints.
  • At the Bull, Helen has come to meet Greg. He’s awkward and withdrawn, Helen is brittle in her attempts to appear relaxed. He tells her that he’s seen an advertisement for a job up North. Helen tells him to follow it up. Greg can’t cope with the conversation, and leaves abruptly. Helen tells Kirsty that she couldn’t go with him; all her family are here.
  • Bert moans to Joe about the way David and Ruth are treating him, keeping their decision about his retirement a secret. Joe shows him an ad. in the Farmers’ Weekly for a herdsman at Brookfield, and tells Bert to get professional advice. Eddie adds to Bert’s misery by telling him to make sure he doesn’t get sent to Meadow Rise, like they did.

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