Helen makes a move to meet Greg on neutral territory; the police want to see Eddie, on theirs.

Radio Times: Eddie gets some bad news.

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  • Nigel and Eddie are working on the vineyard, but Eddie’s not impressed with Nigel’s efforts at manual labour.
  • The Helen and Greg situation continues to worry Pat, who tries, without success, to get information out of Kirsty. Helen is still trying to sort her feelings out, and she asks Kirsty whether she should talk to Greg. She finally decides that she should, but on neutral territory.
  • Pat continues to voice her concerns to Clarrie, but Clarrie has concerns of her own. For a start, what on earth is Eddie going to come up with for her birthday? But thoughts of her birthday are quickly banished when she gets home to find that Eddie has been asked to come and discuss his dodgy meat enterprise with the police. She and Joe tell Eddie that he must get legal advice quickly; Usha’s services are needed.

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