Matt learns that pride goes before a fall; George tries to pick up the fallen Greg.

Radio Times: Lilian and Matt indulge in some horseplay.

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  • True to his word, George calls on Greg, who is clearly at rock bottom. His dog has gone unfed, there’s no food in the house, and Greg himself has been sleeping in an armchair. George makes some tea and toast, but can’t presuade Greg to have any.
  • At the stables, Matt is having his first ride with Lilian. In typical Matt fashion he tries to brazen it out, but is more than a little apprehensive. He’s heard that Caroline is related to Lord Netherbourne, so, never one to miss a business opportunity, he turns his very patronising charm towards Caroline, who gives as good as she gets, but still fails to put him in his place.
  • Greg opens up to George, telling him that he’s made a complete mess of his life. Helen was the only woman who ever loved him, and he’s ruined things between them. Annette has written to say she thinks he’s a great dad, and that she wants her mother to change her mind about access, but he’s made a mess of that situation, too. George reminds Greg of his own past, and the mess he got into, urging Greg to make some attempt to turn things around. Greg is grateful, but too depressed to make the necessary effort.
  • Matt refuses the help offered by both Lilian and Caroline as he prepares to mount his horse. The girth is too loose, the saddle slips and Matt takes a tumble. Lilian is distinctly unsympathetic.

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