Lilian is stood up by Matt – he will pay for this!

Radio Times: Ambridge has a night at the flicks.

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  • Will’s still anxious to be considered for the Head Keeper’s job, and he sounds George out as to his chances. George is encouraging, and when Will tells him that he’s concerned about Greg’s state of mind, George agrees to call round and see if he can do anything to help.
  • Will encounters Matt on the Green, and finds out that they won’t even consider him for the keeper’s job. Emma won’t accept defeat, though, and pushes Will into pursuing the idea.
  • It’s the night of the film show in the village hall, and the customers start to arrive. Kathy’s in efficient mode, Kenton in show-off mode, Joe in moaning mode. As the film gets under way, there’s a power cut. Half the village is blacked out. But far from being a disaster, the film evening turns into a major success. David provides a generator, and the villagers who had spurned the chance of a film show change their minds – even Lilian, whose dinner date with Matt has fallen victim to a business talk with Oliver. The film will be much better than sitting in the dark, so they all pour in to the village hall. The only problem is that in the dark, no-one can see who has paid or who’s slipped in for free.

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