Kathy’s feeling flushed.

Radio Times: Kathy is feeling flushed.

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  • David suggests that he and Ruth go and look at a big dairy farm, to get some ideas for increasing their herd. Ruth’s got plans as well – a supper party for Usha and Ashok to celebrate their engagement. The only problem is that Usha’s vegetarian, and that will tax Ruth’s rather limited culinary skills.
  • Lilian is out riding to pass the time while Matt’s in London. After that she’s off to Grey Gables for leg waxing and pedicure. Pat hedges when Lilian asks about Helen, then admits that she’s left Greg. Lilian shows a surprising sensitivity.
  • In the shop, Jill meets Ruth, who is for inspiration beyond goulash and chicken curry. Jill offers to make something but Ruth says she needs the practice. They, too, discuss Helen.
  • Ruth and David are drenching sheep. Bert seems to be nursing some kind of grudge. Ruth insists that she knows the ropes with sheep – until one gets away.
  • Kathy and Pat discuss film over lunch, and Kathy confides in Pat that she’s concerned about her hot flushes. Lilian overhears the conversation and tells Kathy she should be on HRT. Pat disagrees. She thinks herbal remedies are far better. The argument is saved from further acrimony by Jill and Tony’s entrance. Pat admits that she’s very worried about Helen, but she still hopes it’s a permanent split. But what if Greg gets a new job and Helen decides to go with him?

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