Will offers a listening ear to Greg but is out of his depth as a counsellor.

Radio Times: Will reaches out to a friend in need.

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  • As they enjoy a walk together, Emma’s mind is on wedding plans, while Will’s is on his lunch. They meet Greg, who looks dreadful, but doesn’t want to talk. Will is very concerned, and decides to persuade Greg out for a drink after the match.
  • Bert is still put out because David hasn’t told him what’s happening at Brookfield, and tries to tell Greg about it, but Greg isn’t listening.
  • At the Cricket match, Kirsty has roped Helen is to help with the teas. Adam apologises for having told Pat and Tony that helen has left Greg, and shows a convincing concern, but Helen doesn’t want to talk. She won’t come to the Bull, but heads off for Kirsty’s as soon as the tea is over. In preparation for the film show, Kenton has prepared a sample of Jelly Rogers, a kind of frozen Bloody Mary. It seems that Bert is the only taker.
  • Will manages to get Greg into the Bull, and realises that he’s in a bad way. All Greg can think about is what Michelle has done to his relationship with the girls, and the awful way he has responded and hurt Helen, who he really loves. Will offers what support he can, but feels helpless. Greg recognises what he’s trying to do though, and tells Will that Emma is a lucky girl.

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