Adam lets the cat out of the bag to Pat about Helen moving out from Greg’s.

Radio Times: Trauma for Helen as Pat gets pushy.

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  • Adam regales Brian with the story of Bert’s trip to the Casino, and they agree that Will did a good job in treating the sick pheasants. It’s just a pity that Matt doesn’t see things their way. Adam’s in a hurry to get off – not to see Ian, but to deliver fixtures lists to the cricket team, whose attendance at nets left a lot to be desired.
  • At the piggery, Neil is installing the water supply for the caravan, in theory helped by Christopher, who displays all the signs of becoming Ambridge’s latest stroppy adolescent.
  • As he delivers the fixture lists, Adam tells Pat and Tony how sorry he is to hear about Helen having left Greg. Pat does her best to cover up her surprise, but is clearly worried. She doesn’t have to wait long. Helen arrives with a car full of her belongings. At first she makes unconvincing noises about having a clear out of old stuff, but Pat isn’t deterred. She tries to get Helen to talk to her about it, but she won’t; Helen just drives off. Despite her anxiety, Pat still thinks it’s the best decision Helen’s ever made. It’s finally over, isn’t it?

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